Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA

Bear Country USA is a gotta see it,
put it at the top of your "To-Do" list Attraction!

A premier drive thru wildlife park

Bear country USA is a premier drive thru wildlife park, showcasing animals from the
good ol USA.

This is a top favorite of ours, other locals, and a top tourist pleaser for sure!
Meander thru, pull over as you wish, take your time..ENJOY the scenery! 

Give yourselves a couple hours here if you are a animal lover like us. You will NOT want to zip thru this park. Take a couple deep breaths, slow down, relax and enjoy. Hey, that's what vacation is all about, right?

The only rules here are

  • Keep your windows up
  • Don't get out of your car
  • Have Fun!

     That's it!

Bull Elk Bear Country USA

These gorgeous creatures are the first animal you will encounter at Bear Country USA when you enter the elk habitat.
How beautiful is this guy? This was taken one fall when the girls were removed from this area, separated from these big boys. We sat here for quite some time observing these guys in full on rut.
We got to see a little sparring (way cool!) and the best part? Listening to these males bugling loudly and majestically at the females they had been separated from.

Wolf Bear Country USA

Reindeer babies are sooo cute, and they are after the elk habitat. Hopefully they will have the little ones when you visit. They are right after the Elk.

The wolf habitat comes next, and is another of our favorites. Come early in the day, or close to closing time to see them the most active, if you are coming in the hot summer months. Otherwise they will be crashed out somewhere in the shade and hard to see.

Baby Mountain Goat Bear Country USA

Awwwwww, ain't she cute???? This is a little Mountain Goat baby, and you will find these blokes shortly after the wolf area.

Some years there are babies, some there are not. Depends on the year. There are ALWAYS baby bears, and always babies of SOME sort, but it varies year to year whether you will see baby wolves, cougars, fox, sheep, and goats.

Bears, bears and MORE bears!

Bear Country USA

You will probably thoroughly enjoy each and every enclosure, but one of the very BEST is the bear area!

Shortly after going thru the Mt Goats area you will come to another cattle guard. You will know you are here, no doubt about that! Usually there is at least one bear pacing back and forth here just waiting to welcome you in.

This area is chock FULL of bears, but you can find roaming wolves in here too! Be watching for them, as well as one of the smartest mimicking birds in the world, the mina bird. These are the black and white birds you will find all over in this enclosure. They are reported to be as good as, or better, at mimicking than a parrot!

One of my favorites in this enclosure is the Mountain lion pens just off to the right hand side as you enter the bear enclosure. I could sit here for an hour just watching these guys, and often do!

A word of caution!

Mountain Lion Bear country USA

If you sit to long in one spot, you can become a major source of curiosity for the bears! We know this from a first hand experience! My car still "bears" the mark to prove it!

The badge of honor scar the VW wears came from a curious bear encounter while watching the Mt lion enclosure late one fall day. Bear Country USA was not as busy as usual, as the height of the tourist season was over.

We were busy watching the Mt Lions, and a bear must have been busy watching US! From behind this bear came up to the car, stood on it's hind legs, and tried to climb on top of us! My Daughter, who was sitting next to the door the bear was standing next to yelled "BEAR"!, her Dad was on the phone not knowing, or responding to the "bear" yell, so I promptly yelled "floor it" (he got that one!) and we quickly zoomed out of the bears reach.

In all the years and times we have been there, this is the only time we have had an occurrence like this. Just a little something to think about. Our car still wears that little scratch with pride, and I smile with remembrance of our funny story every time I happen to notice it.


Baby Bears Bear Country USA

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baby animals! And babyland delivers them up!

Adorable little bundles abound every year in the babyland area, and it's our favorite spot!

I think over the years we have seen a baby of every animal here, but what they do have will vary from year to year. They ALWAYS have baby bear cubs tho!

You will find PLENTY of babies here, but you will also find some other adorable and fuzzy critters in this area too.

The 2 resident Grizzly Bears have an enclosure close to the babyland entrance bathrooms. Her's a picture of them playing around in the water having a grand old time!

Grizzly Bears Bear Country USA
Otters Bear Country USA

You can see a playful otter above. If you call before you come, make sure to ask about feeding schedules for babyland. It is a BLAST to watch the otters get their fish. These guys remind me of circus clowns, the way they run after and play with each other, teasing the whole time. And sometimes, I swear you can see a smile on their face!

Below is the Bobcat and Badger found in babyland. Ever seen a Badger? They are found all over the prairie lands in the Black Hills, but you can get an up close and personal look at one at Bear Country USA. These guys are feisty and if you get there during feeding time, you will get to see them growl, hiss and spit at each other over their food!

Bear country USA Bobcat
Bear country USA Badger

We also love to see one of my very favorite animals, the beaver in babyland, as well as a porcupine and a couple friendly racoons (one is named Steve and if you call his name it gets his attention).

Bear Country USA offers picnic tables for you to eat at if you want to bring your own food, but if you don't, no worries, they've got ya covered! There is a snack shop in Babyland that serves food.

If you love animals like we do, then don't miss Bear country USA! You will be glad you stopped, and if you are traveling with kids, they will consider this stop a highlight of the trip!

We highly recommend this place and believe it will add greatly to the enjoyment and pleasure of your vacation.


Go early in the morning or close to closing time as this is when the animals are the most active!

Also, call ahead to find out what time the feedings are at. It is fun to watch all the animals during feeding time, especially the bears and the babies!

Another of our favorite animal stops is Reptile Gardens. We love all animals, even the slithery, scaly cold blooded ones!

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