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Black Hills Animals, everything you need to know about our wildlife BEFORE you visit!


We have em. And they are almost as elusive as the Mtn. Lion.

The most that we have seen have been on the open prairie lands. I think that will be your best bet for sighting some.

Try the Badlands open ranges, the wildlife loop rd. or the Wind Cave Park area.



We have some of these guys too! The Custer State Park herd is not very large, at around 1,000 animals, so they can be as hard to find as the Mt lions and coyotes!

There are wild herds up by Nemo, SD. That's where a lot of the hunters go when it's Elk season, as is the same way with Deerfield Lake area.

Your best bet to see them if you are sticking to the CSP area? Take the long roads over by Wind Cave, this is where we will find them the most "consistently".

As with any of the wildlife you want to see, ask the Rangers as you enter the park where the animals you want to see were last spotted. Most likely they will know, and tell!

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Chipmunks hand feeding


Are these the cuttest little creatures you have ever seen, or what??!!

We L-O-V-E chipmunks! They are super dooper make you wanna squeeze their cheeks cute!

Our Daughter MAKES us stop and feed these guys EVERY time we are in the park (just like the beggin burros, wonder if they know our car by now?)

These cuties are everywhere in the Black Hills, but they are tame enough to do this with just off of the Needles Hwy. Just beyond the long tunnel, past the Needles Eye, you will find a turnout overlook. The rocks to the immediate right are where you will find dozens of these guys running around.

Bring unsalted sunflower seeds if you can. And extra. You will find other adults and kids alike dragging the lower lip in envy at your awesome animal encounter. We always share. Great way to make someones day. Oh ya, don't forget the video camera!

This is a quick video we shot while feeding the Chipmunks, in that secret spot we just told you about...

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dogs

Everybody loves watching the silly antics of the Prairie Dogs! There are loads of Prairie Dog towns all over the State, but if you are visiting our neck of the woods, the most convenient ones are in Custer State Park and the Wind Cave areas.

These guys are super noisy, and their "sentries" are never off guard! They ARE the favorite foods for several animals, after all. Coyotes, Hawks, Eagles, Owls, black footed ferrets and rattlesnakes are just a few who love to dine on these guys.

Our favorite place to watch them is off wildlife loop Rd. The biggest prairie Dog towns are found there AND they are right among the areas that the buffalo herds are found most often.

Another favorite spot is down where the burros hang out. BIG town down there. If you get out and walk around, make sure to watch out for rattlesnakes.

Buck Whiteail Deer

Whitetail Deer and Antelope

Everybody loves Whitetail Deer and Antelope. Gotta admit, these guys are seen really often, so most people that live here locally don't give a hoot.

But we still do. Every time.

These shots were both taken in Custer State Park. The buck on the right looks almost "frozen" and statuesque. How can you get sick of looking at that? =)

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