Black Bear Cubs!

Black bear cubs are some of the cutest animal babies there are!
At Bear Country you can see them, touch them and goober on them at the
annual Cub Fest!

Black bear cubs...all together now.....AWWWWWWW!

Ya, isn't he a cutie pie?

This is a North American Black Bear Cub, around 5 months old.

HOW can he be so old, yet sooo small you ask?

He was the size of a stick of butter when he was born, that's how! Amazing, huh?

Here you can see just how tiny these little guys are when they make their first public debut for the year.

They do Cub Fest late April/early May depending on the seasons weather. Sometimes in South Dakota we are not done with winter until May!

This year they had the 4 baby bear cubs in a long box on display.

In a long box under the tent is where the bear cubs, and their handlers are. We were first in line that day, by the time we left the line was much, much, longer!

Even tho the cubs are tiny right now, they are straight up muscle powerhouses! Especially their jaws!

The "handlers" are there to keep the babies from biting and scratching and causing injury to the guests.

Bear Cubs act much like puppies with chewing habits etc., except they can inflict much more damage!

Here they are a few days later, out to play in babyland.

So stinking CUTE!!

Even after being out for the whole day, they are still full of energy!

Their handlers come and put them up for the night shortly after this picture of the bear cubs was taken.

The cub fest has several kiddie activities.

This year they had a blow up bouncie house, horses for riding and a little train.

The rest of the park was closed yet, so the only animals we got to see were the baby bear cubs and the Grizzly bears.

We were dissapointed with that aspect of it.

On the other hand? How often do you get the opportunity to goober on baby bear cubs?

Get the season pass like we did and come back in 2 weeks when the park is completely open.

Baby bear cubs are born in the winter, so they are the first of the baby "stars" to shine.

The rest of the babies slowly start rolling out late spring, just like Mother Nature intended them too.

You can find Bear Country's webpage here.

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