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Buffalo Chip Sturgis is one of the rockinest,
best party places to stay!
BUT, it isn't the only happenin place in town~

Where to stay during the Rally?

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If you are planning on coming to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, hopefully you are making your plans in advance! Finding a motel room during this time is pretty hard, and EXTREMELY pricey! Everybody cashes in on that fact, from motels to homeowners.

Most folks book the next years accommodations while they are there for the current Rally, it is THAT important! Especially if you want to stay closer to Sturgis itself.

Now that Rapid City has recently built 5 new hotels all around the interstate it will help greatly with the overflow, but it is not a guarantee by any means!

If you really want to experience the Rally in all it's full on party mode, then I recommend staying at the Buffalo Chip Sturgis.

DO NOT bring the kids, in fact they are not even allowed at most of the biker campgrounds during Rally week. Ya, it gets THAT crazy!

Most of the campgrounds in the area have shuttle buses now that will take you back and forth from Sturgis, which is awesome! We lose several lives every year due to drinking and driving. The cops are out in full force waiting to catch drunk drivers. Just not worth it. That's a fast way to ruin a party, grab a shuttle instead.

Some of the closest and most popular Sturgis Camping are:

  • Buffalo Chip Sturgis Campground
  • Full Throttle Saloon cabins
  • Iron Horse Campground
  • Sturgis RV park

So WHY the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis?

Unless you know someone in the area (IE you can crash on their couch, pitch a tent in their yard), coming to Sturgis, and partying for the week is EXPENSIVE!!

Buffalo Chip is no exception, hand over your wallet, and your credit card with both hands!

This whole area JACKS the motel prices for that week, at least double, if not closer to triple. I know, I know. We don't think that's fair either. But it is what it is.

But at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, they kind of kiss it and make it all better, with all the amenities you get with your stay. Here are just a FEW

  • FREE rock concerts with top rockin, hot bands! Free admission with camping. You can still go to the concerts if you do not stay here, just buy the concert tickets. This year they have ZZ Top, Queensryche and Toby Keith just to name a few! The TOP Sturgis concerts are found here!
  • The ever popular Miss Buffalo Chip is ONLY held here (Sturgis biker babes at their best!)
  • Lingerie for life and several Veterans Tributes
  • Their own Tattoo Parlor, bike shows, the Legends Ride and the Biker Belles
  • They have vendors with Harley merchandise on site
  • A zip line and helicopter rides
  • Bar, pool and restaurant on site
  • Non stop, best biker parties are found here

Remember this IS a campground. If you tent there expect to use public showers and bathrooms. The party goes on ALL night, so bring earplugs if you think that will keep you awake. If waiting in lines for bathrooms, taking showers after someone else has and dust/ dirt bother you, then this is not the place to stay for you. Buy the daily passes and the concert tickets and get a motel room. You will enjoy yourself more if you did.

If not, well, party on!

Memories of older, wilder Sturgis Rally times

Sturgis YEARS ago used to be a lot "rougher" then it is now.

I remember as a kid going up to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally during the daytime with my Grandparents. Wow! They would have never taken me if they knew what we were going to see!

In the middle of town, in the middle of Main St. there was quite a commotion going on. A PUBLIC bathtub was set up right smack dab in the middle of the street. And yes, people were using it, and parading their naked selves out to it (to the exuberant cheers of the onlookers). I was shocked, and a little grossed out..the water looked very dirty from where I was standing. But hey, campsites were a lot more primitive back then!

Back in the day, if someone dared to go to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on a "rice burner" they were rode out of town fast, with Harley Bikers hot on their heals. Rumors had it that a few of those motorcycles were hung from trees and lit on fire. You don't see that nowadays, so the party has tamed down a lot.

But make no doubt about it, Sturgis is a wild and fun time, a huge party for a solid week, and one that if you do once, you will never forget.

In fact, you will probably find yourselves booking for the next year, before you leave. Just like the rest of the gang.

Next years party is just around the corner!

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