Deadwood South Dakota

Wild bill Hickok

An Uber Cool Town!

Deadwood South Dakota is probably one of the coolest, oldest, and most interesting towns to visit in our whole area.

Dreams have been made here, and shattered here.

The History of this town is fascinating, and really shaped the whole area that surrounds it. There are many things to see and do while you are in Deadwood, especially if you like to gamble. There are plenty of gambling opportunities to be had, and many gambling halls to have them in!

Deadwood South Dakota facts you should know

  • Prostitution and Gambling were the biggest business' originally
  • Current population is around 1,270
  • Wyapp Earp, Calamity Jane, Poker Alice and Seth Bullock lived here
  • Opium was widely used in late 1800's here
  • Homestake Gold Mine started up in 1877
  • General Custer confirmed Gold findings and the gold rush was on! Prospectors arrived shortly after that announcement in Deadwood around 1870
  • During the height of the Gold Rush the population went from a handful of Prospector's to an estimated at 7,000, all in a few months
  • Wild Bill Hickok was killed here by Jack McCall in Saloon #10
  • Many settlers left after a huge fire burned down over 300 buildings in 1879
  • 1888 The Deadwood South Dakota Railroad started here. The old tracks that travel thru out the Hills has now become the Mickelson Trail
  • The last Brothel in Deadwood was closed down in a raid in 1980
  • Another devastating fire raged thru Deadwood in 1959, and it almost wiped out the whole town
  • Deadwood South Dakota became a National Historic Landmark in 1961 (YES, the WHOLE TOWN is a National Landmark!)
  • The areas only 5 star restaurant "Jakes" is inside The Midnight Star Casino. It is owned by movie star Kevin Costner
  • Approximately 250 Chinese Americans lived here in an area called Chinatown
  • HBO did a series called Deadwood based on the real life characters and outlaw living that was very real here in the late 1800's
  • Gambling became legalized here in 1989, it put Deadwood back on the map
  • Seth Bullock was Deadwood's first sheriff and a personal friend of Teddy Roosevelt
  • The American Flag flies 24 Hrs a day at Mt Moriah Cemetery by act of Congress, one of the few spots in the Country that are allotted this honor

Deadwood area attractions

Just like the rest of the Black Hills, there are amazing things to do in, and around the Deadwood area.

Hiking, biking, top notch museums, gambling, and sight seeing are some of our favorites. Read on below for more about our favorite activities and attractions.

Days of 76 Museum is one of Deadwood's newest, must see attractions

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Find out whats going on in Deadwood when you visit here or here.

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