Have Fun in Sturgis this Year!

Have fun in Sturgis (lots of fun!) by letting someone else drive you around to the parties!

Ahhh, fun in Sturgis..no doubt about it Sturgis Rally time is a non stop fun time party!


Every year we have multiple fatalities and crashes in our area due to drinking and riding.

Way to ruin a good party, huh?

Cops from all around the surrounding States come here to work. To bust people. They think it's fun. =)

DUI's can cost thousands of dollars in litigation and court costs.

Your bike will get towed.

You'll get separated from your group (or worse, your spouse) because if you get caught in SD drinking and driving you WILL go to jail. No passing go. No collecting $200.

To show you some stats, the 2012 Sturgis Bike Rally had:

251 DUI Arrests

9 Deaths

50 Injury accidents

1189 Citations

185 Misc. Drug Arrests

34 Felony Drug Arrests

7 Vehicles Seized

$9,368 Cash Seized

Here is an article from the Sturgis Rally Daily that gives a more detailed look at the 2012 arrests records and death tolls. Another reason to ride Da Bus, don't get your bike/car nabbed if you have illegal substances!

BUT, you can be smart, and play it safe by getting rides to the party!

Da Bus!

The biggest party in our area...on WHEELS!

Da Bus runs 18 buses during the Rally, from noon till 2 AM.

Bring your party with you, and stay out of trouble at the same time. What a beautiful thing!

Da Bus serves beer on the bus, and you can also buy those single little shots if you are in the mood for something a little harder.

Da Bus routes go to all the happening places within a 10 mile radius of Sturgis (Full Throttle, Buffalo Chip, Glencoe). Be sure to check out their website for a list of stops. (Learn more about Sturgis SD here).

They will also take your party to Deadwood, and this year they added in a Spearfish stop too!

They do all this for $50 a week for unlimited rides..wow! That's such a great deal! You can also buy an unlimited band for $20 a day, or pay $10 for a one way.

They estimate that they have single- handedly reduced the DUI and accidents total around Sturgis by a whopping 35-40% since opening up Da Bus!

So be smart when you come here to party and have fun....ride Da Bus if you want to drink, and let them drive.

That way you won't look like that guy pictured above!

Dakota Taxi

Due to a new ordinance that recently passed in Sturgis, Dakota Taxi now has to stay outside of Sturgis during the Rally.

They do have tour groups and package rates to go to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the Badlands.

They do service Deadwood area tho, so if you are camping further out then what Da Bus will go, then consider riding Da Bus to Deadwood, then hooking up with Dakota Taxi to take you the rest of the way.

Where would you like to go next?

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