Game Lodge Campground

The Game Lodge Campground in Custer State Park is one of our
TOP 5 Black Hills Campgrounds!

Just got back from camping at the State Game Lodge Campground over Mothers Day weekend. One of the best, nicest times we have had camping yet! The weather was perfect (low to mid 70's) barely breezy (RARE!) and the traffic, even over Mother's Day, was minimal. All in all, a great weekend to camp!

One of the reasons we LOVE this campground, and call it one of our TOP 5 Campgrounds?

The Buffalo! Here are 2 big bull buffalo, hanging out right next to the State Game Lodge Campground!

For perspective. These are the same two buffalo, but this picture shows you the fence that keeps them out of the Game Lodge Campground. Thankful for that!

This fence runs the entire Campground, on both sides.

Now THAT is close for wildlife viewing!

Hwy 16A is in the background, and many cars stopped, and took pictures of these big guys.

This is one of the reasons we are so in love with the State Game lodge Campground. The wildlife viewing is great!

Isn't this little cabin ADORABLE??!! And look at the views it has.

The whole Game Lodge Campground is surrounded by tree covered mountains. The Campground sits in the valley, sandwiched between.

If you don't have a tent or an RV, we recommend these little camper cabins! They are priced super reasonable too.

At the Tatanka Theater they run specials and programs that are Ranger hosted during the summer months.

There is a little fishing pond that is very popular with the kids (adults too!).

Catch your dinner here!

This is the pond that is close to the camper cabins, NOT the one you pass on the road as you are coming in...

THIS is a shot of the "pond" that has a cute little beach on it.

What you don't know?

This is a buffalo bog.

Our advice?

DON'T swim or fish in it.

Unless you like buffalo poop and pee. Just sayin ;=)

Nice little playground for the kiddies.

This is a flat, big, sprawled out campground. One of the biggest that Custer State Park has to offer. We always bring our bikes with us when we camp here.

Over by the Tatanka theater there is a path that you can ride for almost 2 miles. It takes you past the State Game Lodge, the Peter Norbeck Visito Center, the Grace Coolidge General Store, and ends at the Grace Coolidge Campground. One of our favorite rides in all the Hills!

The State Game Lodge Campground is one of the nicest places to tent camp.

Those 2 ponds I told you about are spring fed, and they have tent sites all along the creek, like this one.

Some have electricity, some don't.

All have beautiful scenery to offer.

The Game Lodge Campground is centrally located also.

Another bonus!

This sign is right outside the campground entrance. the camper is headed towards Mount Rushmore. Head to the right and you are on Wildlife Loop Rd.

Follow Wildlife Loop Rd all the way over to Blue Bell Lodge and Stables, or at the crossroads, head towards Wind Cave and Hot Springs.

Your possibilities for fun are endless!

But no matter what option you choose, you will love your decision to stay at the State Game Lodge Campground!

Prices are $20 for non electric sites and $24 for electric sites. Must buy a park pass separately.

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