Hippy Hole Little Falls

Hippy Hole aka Big Falls

Hippy Hole AKA Big Falls is a secret spot that many locals have heard of, but the location of this secret spot has eluded them, until now! This is a wonderful, hidden gem of a Black Hills Hiking Trail!

Many of the teens know of this as a hot party spot, but outside of that, it remains a secret!

This is a picture of Little Falls. Hippy Hole is also known by some as Big Falls, hence the first waterfall pool you come to is called "Little Falls".

South Dakota is having a severe drought this year. Little Falls is barely trickling in to this secluded pool, and you can see a "beach". This beach is actually dried up pool and should be covered with water. Maybe next year.

We parked off Hwy 40 and Little Falls is only a short walk in from there. Little Falls is less then a 1/2 mile in from that point and a super easy, flat pretty path (there is a little bit of a rocky incline at first, real short, but it smooths out completely after that).

Now, in the picture above, we went to the left of the pool, up over the rocks and down the back side to finish our hike to Hippy Hole. We went the LONG way, but I will tell you more about that later.

Hiking around this pool and the rest of the way back to the big falls was a tough, but interesting hike. We rate this one closer to a 3 1/2 - 4 (with a 5 being the hardest and more like Harney Peak). Like I mentioned before, we took the LONG, tough way in. =)

We lost the trail LOADS of times (similar to Devils Bathtub) and crossed the creek more times than I can count (or remember). Fallen trees needed to be navigated, overgrown paths due to lack of usage (did I mention we took the hard path already??) and crossing the creek made this hike a little on the difficult side.Crossing the creek this many times when the water is running would not be fun.

The hike itself was relatively flat, it was just working thru all the overgrown stuff, plus the challenge of keeping on the path that made it difficult.

But with all that being said, I would TAKE THIS SAME HIKE AGAIN!

I haven't seen such a lush path filled with abundant wildlife in quite some time!

We flushed out 2 Great Horned Owls from their roosting spot. Several Red Tailed Hawks flew off their branches they were perched on as we approached, tons of frogs and YES this drop dead gorgeous Mountain Goat too!

Hippy Hole Mountain Goat

We came around a corner and heard this huge lumbering sound of something BIG coming out of the forest across the creek. We all stopped, held our breath and stood real still. This little beauty came lumbering out. What a relief! We stayed and watched him (and he watched US!) for about 10 minutes. Watch the video on the right side bar to see him even closer and better!

Now if you are a hunter....then...you are getting very sleepy, very, very sleepy...yes that's right you are now under my powers and I tell you, you have never heard me say Mountain Goat. There are no Mountain Goats near Hippy Hole or anywhere else....you may wake up now and enjoy the rest of this post animal free..

Hippy Hole..Yaaa we made it!

It was a long hike and we were hot and sweaty by the time we got back here, but like I said it was WORTH it! I only wish we had brought a bathing suit as we were all hot and sweaty by the time we got back here.

And there was no skinny dipping happening as there were people back here in my secret spot! =)

This water should be gushing over the rock and splashing heartily into the pool. As you can see, that's just not happening, but we have big hopes for a snow packed winter and a soggy upcoming spring!

Bear Grylls was at Hippy Hole while filming Man VS Wild Season 3 Episode 4.

This whole episode was Bear in South Dakota. He was in the Badlands filming as
well as Custer State Park.

We personally watch Man Vs Wild, so we think it is cool that Bear visited here, as well as the rest of our great State!

If you decide to hike Hippy Hole (the LONG way) then follow Bears advice and bring survival gear with you. IE sunscreen, water, lunch and a bathing suit!

Directions (the LONG and short way)

We parked just off of HWY 40 at:
N 43 52.4077 W 103 20.7258

You will see this sign and a parking lot. It is about a half mile or less to get to Little Falls from here.

It is a little over 2 miles EACH way from this parking lot to Big Falls/Hippy Hole.
The Hippy Hole Coordinates are:
N 43 89.3200 W 103 36.6700

About 1 mile beyond this turn out you will find another one, on the same side of the road. We got this info. from a fellow hiker we found at Hippy Hole. This is where he parked and walked in. We stopped, checked it out and took down the coordinates for future reference.

NOTE we were to tired to take this hike after just getting done hiking back to Hippy Hole the LONG way, but I did peek at the trail. It is steep, altho not scarily so. Next time we take this hike we will try this route.

Here are the GPS Coordinates for that way in:
N 43 53.1667 W 103 22.2427

Hope you enjoy your hike as much as we did!

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