Keystone South Dakota is a
Shopping Haven!

And...our favorite Tourist "trap"!

Ahhh, Keystone South Dakota..this is a LOCAL FAVORITE! We often go up and "play tourist" just for FUN (and the uhhh-hemmm.... FUDGE)!

We love to watch people and this is a great place to do just that. People from all walks of life and countries come here every day as a stop off before or after a Mount Rushmore visit. Yes, without a doubt, this adorable town is a "must" stop, shop and play to put on your "to do" list!

Keystone South Dakota is an OLD town, with a ton of history! Over the years it has transformed form a large gold mining town to a top tourist destination! This is the closest town to Mount Rushmore, so it sees lots of drive by traffic, except, you will probable find it irresistible to just "drive by"!

Did you know?

  • Keystone has a population of 337
  • Keystone stated as a mining town in 1883
  • At the height of the gold rush over 2,000 people lived here making it the largest city around, bigger then Rapid City
  • The Holy Terror Mine was named after William Franklin's wife, Jenny
  • Mount Rushmore carving started in 1927
  • Carrie Ingalls spent most of her adult life here (little Sister to Laura Ingalls Wilder who wrote the Little House on the Prairie books)
  • Mary Ingalls came to live with Carrie after Ma died. Carrie Ingalls died 4 years after Ma did, at Carries house in Keystone in 1928
  • The Keystone Historical museum has over 35 yrs of Ingalls memorabilia
  • Keystone was once a very rich mining town, now it's main source of income is Tourists

Great fun FREE things to do here!

There are a couple of fun free things to do here. If you want to experience Keystone without hitting your wallet, then make sure to check these out:

  • Carrie Ingalls museum
  • The Taffy Shop (watch it being made from the window!)
  • Visit both of the 2 fudge shops (ok, admittedly hard to not open your wallet here!)
  • Do the old town tour walk and see the original town buildings and their history

Other great fun things to do here

1880 Tarain Station Keystone SD

Our favorite tourist attractions in the Keystone area are:
Mount Rushmore
Yes, this one tops the list!
Tramway/Alpine Slides
(Nice relaxing ride up the hill with plenty of awesome views, then BLAM! you hit the slides and rocket down (or NOT, there ARE brakes..teehee)
Holy Terror Mine
(Flat easy walking tour full of history and information, great little museum tour after the mine tour)
Zip Line
(Short but FAST and FUN, the kids LOVE it!)
Ride the 1880 Train
(everybody will love this!)
Old West Gunfight at the Red Garter Saloon (details below)

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