Kids Water Fun!

Kids Water Fun Watiki little kids play area

Kids water fun~
Put the FUN back in vacation!

Watiki Water Park

Kids Water Fun Watiki Water Park

As of 2013, Watiki Water Park is the best, and the LARGEST water park that the Rapid City area has to offer.

The kids will L-O-V-E you for taking them here while on your vacation, and hey, YOU might even find yourself loving your vacation a little more too. The lazy river is hard to beat after a long hard day of driving and exploring!

Is the food good? Can I quench my thirst here? See our review to find out!

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Water Slides
This iconic slide is now closed :(.
Left this post up here so when you get to the stoplight at Catron Blvd and HWY 16 and see Buffalo Crossing coming soon signs you can see what "progress" has done. This big hill/lot is now leveled.

Kids Water Fun Hwy 16 Waterslides

GUARANTEED you won't drive past these on the way to Mt Rushmore without the kids yelling   "I WANNNNA GOOOOO!!!" Good luck at at saying no!

The Water Slides off HWY 16 are a terrific way to beat the hot South Dakota heat, while enjoying the great fresh outdoors.

This is a fantastic way to get some exercise and to blow out some cooped up energy. These are BIG hills. And to get to the top, you gotta CLIMB them! The upside? Your reward for getting to the top is a fast ride down!

The big slides seen at the far left are the fastest they offer. You will get air on those! All the way to the right is the inner tube ride. Kids LOVE it! Adults do too, but will usually sport a bang up bruise or two to the body before it's over.

The twisty slides in the middle are fun, yet tame. For the most part. =) Two Of them are suitable for the little bugs to go on doubles with Mom or Dad.

You are allowed to bring in a picnic lunch. If you don't have one, no worries! They have a little "cantina" type eatery where you can get nachos, hot dogs, pop etc.

Watch the weather forecast for the day you plan to go. If they have to close due to lightening, they close down the park, and no refunds are given.

This is the only outdoor water slide park in our area. Free with slider pass come unlimited free Goofy Golf at their little course.

*****Now Closed :(

Rippin Rapids

Rippin Rapids Resort and Adventure Sports announced that they are going to start building this facility starting summer of 2013.

Could we be MORE excited? I don't THINK so!!

They said they will have over 93,000 Sq Ft of park when they are done. Wow! Thats about 23,000 MORE Sq Ft then Watiki. That is just plain HUGE!!

They will take over the top dawg spot when their project is complete, for having the largest water park in the whole State of South Dakota.

They will have:

  • A wave machine
  • Water slides
  • Zip line

And lots MORE!!

Scheduled to be open by Spring/Summer of 2017

Evans Plunge

Evans Plunge is located in the Historic and charming little town of Hot Springs.

This is another kid favorite around here, Adults will enjoy the water fun to be had here too.

Evans Plunge is the OLDEST "Tourist trap" in our area! It has been around a looooong time. There is great history behind it too.

We love this place because it is not really a "swimming pool". It is a man made holding for live warm springs. No chemicals, no water heater. Natural.

How cool is that?

But should this make your itinerary? Read more here.

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