Mount Rushmore Pictures

Mount Rushmore pictures, see it all before you come! Here you will find menu's and prices, pictures of Mt Rushmore and more. Enjoy!

This is the very first good clear shot you have of Mount Rushmore. This was taken from a turn out right off the Highway, about a half mile from the Monument. You will want to stop at this turn out to take a picture. It is a great spot for taking Mount Rushmore pictures.

This is a shot of the Ampitheatre where they hold
their program at night and other shows.

Closer shot of just the theatre.

L-O-V-E this picture of Mount Rushmore!
YES our skies are often really that BLUE!

From the Ampithatre platform there is a trail called the Presidential Trail. We LOVE taking this awesome little trail/hike! It is cool from the tree cover, it is all smooth walking (and wheelchair accessible all the way to the bottom of the Monument)

Look very closely and you will see a person to the right of the rock. This is where the trail goes AFTER you get under the faces of the Presidents. There are a TON of steps (Ok, maybe not a TON, but it sure feels like it on the way back UP!) Easy walk to the bottom of the faces though, tough after that if you are not in great shape.

Another shot of the Presidential trail to give you an idea of how great it is! You get to get below the Presidents on Mt Rushmore, see all the rock tailings, and see out Black Hills at some of it's finest.

See how lovely and easy going this trail is? At least till you get to the platform below the Monuments faces...

Little cave to explore off the Presidents Trail..

Native American Teepee's area on display off the Mount Rushmore trail

A different view of the Monument can be found from the Presidents trail, isn't it pretty seen through the trees? Another great picture perfect day to grab a picture of Mount Rushmore!

Up close and personal with Mount Rushmore! THIS is what you see from the platform at the bottom of the Presidents trail.

After all that walking you deserve a treat, right? Right! Head to the Ice Cream shop and get their specialty flavor..Raspberry! OMGosh this is so good! We go up just for this ice cream, seriously. Didn't we just work off all those calories hiking the trail? Hmmm..that's my story and I am sticking to it!

If you need REAL food before the dessert, then head on over to the cafeteria. It is always CLEAN, and there are lots of varieties of yummy food for the whole family to choose from.

Breakfast here is a great way to start the day! Dine with the Presidents..

Mount Rushmore lunch menu looks like this..

Mount Rushmore dinner and lunch menu. I like to know all about the food at a place before I get there. I just don't like surprises when it comes to food! You probably don't either, so all these pictures will give you an idea of what to expect, before you get here!

Mount Rushmore employs many foreign students to run the gift shops and cafeteria. These are the pizza "chefs" hamming it up for the photo

You can buy a sandwich to go if that is more your speed then sit down
eat cafeteria style.

Nice selection of hot beverages

Nice selection of cold beverages =)

Mount Rushmore cafeteria has a nice selection of desserts, you can get the raspberry cone here too, but we go right next door to the ice cream shop!

We LOVE water, but I sure hate paying for bottles of it all the time! Mount Rushmore offers a water refill station for your bottles right inside the cafeteria. Best of all? It's FREE!

Find your State flag on the Avenue of flags at Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore night shot through the Avenue of flags. So pretty!

Many sculptures are found here, this is one of Gutzon Borglum, done by
his Son as a tribute.

Mount Rushmore night shot. My camera just does not do this justice. Santa?
The night program here is very interesting for adults, kids get bored FAST!
The Mount Rushmore evening show does about 5 minutes on each President, very
informative, but seems pretty long and drawn out. Everyone is just waiting for them to light up the Monument so they can get back home and warm up. They don't light it up till all the talking is over. It is worth it to go see the Monument lit up at night, but the real entertaining night show is at the Crazy Horse Memorial.

As you leave Mount Rushmore, take a right (heading towards Hill City, Custer area) and down the road about a 1/4 mile or so you will find a turn out to park, stop there to grab awesome profile pictures!

Mount Rushmore

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