Rapid City Main St Square

Rapid City South Dakota
The Gateway to the Black Hills!

Rapid City South Dakota...this little town has a lot going on in the summer,
and is always bustling with
out of town plates, we love it!

Rapid City South Dakota was founded by gold Miners during the Gold Rush era. In fact, gold hunting started just about every Town in the Black Hills.

Rapid City is the "hub" for many nearby small cities, and even smaller cities in neighboring States. Folks visiting from the big Cities may laugh at the thought of our little Rapid City being a "big deal", but, we kinda are!

Rapid City Canyon Lake Park

Rapid City hosts many major important Western cultural events, like the Stock show. They also host the important Native American Event, the Pow Wow. The Civic Center also is home to Rapid City's very own hockey team..go Rush!

Outside of the Civic Center arena drawing in important local events, it also draws in big name artists and bands. Especially during Rally Time!

But probably the biggest draw from surrounding cities and States is our shopping. Again, big city folks will laugh at this, probably long and hard even. That's ok. Me personally? Totally jazzed that we FINALLY have some National chains here, store wise AND clothes wise! We used to have to drive to Denver to get shopping fixes, but not anymore.

We just finally added a 2nd Walmart, as our one and only was so packed all the time it was ridiculous! Tourists love Walmart too, so in the peak summer season that place was a zoo! Our 1st Walmart was consistently in the top 3 Walmarts in the Country for sales. Our Menards can boast those numbers as well. We are also tickled to have all the big name restaurants as well..yaaa for little town us!

Here are a few fast facts about Rapid City

  • 2nd largest city in South Dakota
  • Population of Rapid City is 67,000
  • Main Tourist Attraction is Mount Rushmore
  • Originally it's sole purpose was to supply Gold Miners and our first Pioneers
  • Was founded in 1876
  • Rapid City elevation is 3,200 FT, compared to our highest Elevation at
    Harney Peak which is 7,242 Ft above sea level
  • Ellsworth Air Force Base is 4 miles outside of town and is an important economic factor in Rapid City with it being the 2nd largest employer in the State
  • Major flood in 1972, lost 250 souls and sustained over $100 million in property loss
  • Nearby town of Sturgis hosts the second largest annual party in the world
  • Tourism is Rapid City's second largest income, right behind Ellsworth Air
    Force Base
  • The total population of South Dakota is 842,000

Best FREE things to do

Rapid City Storybook Island

There are several FREE things to do while in Rapid City,
here are our TOP FAVORITES!

Storybook Island (A fantasy character play land/park that little kids will love!)

Canyon Lake Park (lovely park connected to miles of walking path)

The School of Mines Museum (major life size dino bones and awesome rock collections found here)

Fish hatchery (cool to see and to feed the fish, the BEST one in our area is in Spearfish though. It is FREE too!)

Dinosaur Park (beautiful views of the city, this dino can be seen from miles away! Get lunch here, all beef hot dog and pop only $1.25!)

Visit our new downtown Main Street Square! In the summer it has grassy areas to play and water fountains that jet up in the air that the kids can run thru. In the winter it becomes an ice skating rink. Great food and ice cream served here also.

Visit the Founders Park off W. Omaha St. and read all about our founding fathers and the beginnings of Rapid City.

The Air and Space Museum at Ellsworth Air Force Base

The Stavkirke Chapel in the Hills

Make sure you take time to visit our famous Spearfish Canyon while you are in the area. One of the best kept, secret hikes, is found there. Take a step back in time and hike to The Secret Community Caves of Spearfish Canyon or Devils Bathtub.

Hiking Harney Peak

Secret Caves

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