Reptile Gardens

Reptile Gardens is known around the World for showcasing some of the worlds most venomous snakes ONLY found here

The Dome

Reptile Gardens Bananas

Another all time favorite of ours, Reptile Gardens!

We LOVE all animals, even the slithery, slippery, cold blooded venomous type!

Reptile Gardens SD is located right off of the super 4 lane HWY 16., the famous Road to Mount Rushmore.

The huge shiny dome has been an icon for our area for as long as I can remember.

The dome is a great big green house. See the bananas above in the picture? No where else in SD am I aware of anybody growing bananas, you could only do that here!

This is our Daughters favorite part of Reptile Gardens. She loves walking the little path thru the bottom of the dome looking for the lizards that run wild. You may also see a slithering little (harmless) snake, or baby little turtles in the pond.

They also have several tropical birds that they bring over to the dome on nice days. These guys are fun to watch, and they make PLENTY of noise, makes you feel like you are in a real jungle!

Super crocs, gators and komodo dragons

The lower level of the dome is where you can do the "jungle walk", the other half showcases venomous snakes, alligators, venomous spiders, and our favorite...the Komodo Dragon!

This guy can "smell" you thru the glass, so if he comes up to the glass while you are watching, know he is smelling you and checking you out. Did you have bacon for breakfast? Yumm!

Maniac the biggest, baddest Croc you will ever see in the States! He is proabable the biggest, coolest attration they have here. He is truly magnificent!

Got Snakes?

Reptile Gardens Rattlesnake

Yep, oodles and oodles of snakes is what you will find on the upper level of the dome.

If you are terrified of snakes, I would recommend staying out of the dome altogether. You see them everywhere in here. We personally dig that, but I know some folks have major fears associated with these guys.

Reptile Gardens is really a big deal. I'm so proud of our State and all the wonderful things we have to showcase to our visitors!

Outta the Dome and onto more adventures, and LIVE shows!

They have a little prairie dog town, simulating the wild ones like found in Custer State Park, or the Badlands.

Kids get a kick out of "popping up" in the middle of the town. You actually go underground and the "pop up" in the middle of the colony, safe within a little dome. Makes for some fun picture opportunities.

We go to Reptile Gardens all year long! Reptile Gardens is nice enough to let locals get a yearly pass with the first paid admission for the year.Tourists can get in on vacation passes too, all at no extra charge!

This place is so cool, especially if you have never been here before. We have seen the SNAKE HANDLING SHOW, BIRD SHOW and the GATOR WRESTLING SHOW numerous times, and still get a charge out of them.

But to see them for the first time again? Awesome! You are LUCKY!

The snake handling show will take your breath away, and make your heart thump a little faster. The pros at Reptile Gardens make it look easy to wrangle live rattle snakes and cobras (all while cracking great jokes too). You will all walk away amazed, amused, entertained and educated. The kids will love to retell these stories to their friends when they get back home!

Learn all about some of our favorite fine feathered friends at the live Bird Show.This is a fun show the kids will find fun, maybe a bird will even fly right over their head?

Make sure while you are here to find Cheyenne and her enclosure. This is a Bald Eagle who was injured and not able to be returned to the wild. She found a safe, forever home at Reptile Gardens tho. She is pure magic to see up close, so majestic. We just adore her!

The Gator Show is a real crowd pleaser for sure. Make sure to get there about 10-15 minutes early so you can sit up front, you won't want to miss any of this!

The gator "wranglers" put on a non-stop, heart pumping, entertaining show!Another live demonstration, much like the snake handling. You will get an elevated heart rate watching this one too!

The perfect souvenir for afterwords? Grab one of the "Go Wrestle a Gator" T-shirts from the gift shop. To fun!

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We personally get one every year. We love the BOGO food savings, and the major discounts on the attractions too.
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The Jungle Outpost

Reptile Gardens Jungle Outpost

This place is worth coming to Reptile Gardens for alone, as far as I am concerned!

The Jungle Outpost carries the LARGEST supply of Papua New Guinea Art in the U.S.!

You CAN shop here without paying admission to the rest of the park, as it is right at the entrance area off from the main gift shop.

I love looking at the Tribal Art, knowing that it was handcrafted by some tribesman/woman, here all the way from Papua New Guinea!

The have statues, masks, pictures and one of my very fav's...storyboards!

My VERY favorite item(s) in here is the jewelry tho. I NEVER leave here without a new pretty bauble (must to the dismay of my Husband "How many necklaces DO you have, anyway?...teehee!) As any girl would respond, my answer always is "not enough"! Ha!

You will see what I mean, when you see them, know how awesomely unique they are, knowing where they came from (their so "earthy"), and the price? Super fair! How could you NOT buy a few (or a dozen)? I'm just sayin.....wink wink...

Another of our favorite animal parks is just up the road off of Hwy 16. Make sure to make time to see Bear Country while you are here! It is a premier animal park, but of the cute, cuddly warm blooded, fuzzy kind! It makes our list of top, must see attractions!

Reptile Gardens website can be found here.

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