Pictures and additional information on the Community Caves Hike

I always take lots of pictures whenever we go hiking! This page is an additional page to the main Community Caves Page. There you will find the directions and GPS coordinates to get to the caves.

The beginning of the path, doesn't look to scary, huh?

Here is the picture of the dry creek bed we crossed. This picture shows the begininng of the path. You are going to veer to the right and go up the gorge. You will climb in elevation almost to the same level as the rock out cropping in the background. The elevation at the parking lot is about 3877 FT. the caves themselves are at 4070 FT. Your 200 FT climb is pretty steep. It is about a 1/2 mile hike total, BUT about a 1/3 of that is all UPhill!

Wish I had thought of taking this picture with a person at the top of the photo, to give it more depth perception. I grabbed this shot to show the rocky path and the steepness of it.

Lots of rocks on the path that will shift and move on you

Left side shot of the community caves

This is looking from the left, closer up shot of the caves

Just a closer up picture of the inside of one of the caves

Aren't these marvelous?

The falls don't produce much for rushing water when we are in the middle of a drought, which we are when this picture was taken.

If we weren't in the middle of a drought, these guys would have gotten doused standing there! As it was you do get splashed, but on a hot day, it is welcomed!

This is one of the deeper caves.

As you climb the path and you get closer to the caves, you will find a few natural springs that pop up out of the ground. Makes for it to be a bit slippery in these couple of areas, but our dog was glad to have a nice refreshing cool drink!

Wider shot of the caves as a close up. You can't see the top falls, but I wanted to grab a shot that showed the caves and the water splash mark at the bottom

We hope you enjoy you own trip to the Community Caves, we did! It will probably be a hike we do several times a year.

For more information on Spearfish click here.

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