Sturgis Bike Rally

Vintage Harley Sturgis Bike Rally

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Sturgis Bike Rally
what is there to do?

Bars and nightlife are just a few of the best attractions
that the Sturgis Bike Rally has to offer!

What is there to do? Plenty!

Most everybody here comes to party and let their hair down for a week.

They literally get to be someone else for that entire time, if they choose, and most do!

Doesn't matter if you are a Lawyer, Doctor, Dentist, Sports star, Rock star or what, everybody here dresses how they want and does what they want. Everybody seems to have a sense of brother and sisterhood camaraderie no matter where they are from.

Everyone here shares the common ground of riding Harley Davidson's and that is good enough to put everyone on the same equal ground for the week, it's all about fun and bikes.

Most people come here for the party, AND the surrounding area. We have some of the best scenery and State/National Parks in the US!

BUT, if you want to stick to Sturgis the whole time you are here, then this is what there is to do!

Bars and Nightlife

Sturgis Biker Babes sporting airbrushed tops Sturgis Bike Rally

These 3 Sturgis girls are sporting airbrushed "tops" which are pretty popular! They are also walking billboards advertising body art by Mike. Smart marketing, eh?

Some of the most popular, and even legendary bars are:

  • Buffalo Chip Campground (out of town but major parties here!)
  • Easy Riders Saloon (downtown)
  • Full Throttle Saloon (out of town, as seen on TV!)
  • Gunners (downtown)
  • Loud American Roadhouse (downtown)
  • Pingel/Shifters Bar and Grill (downtown)

All during the day and night you will find people in the bars as well as live entertainment. Some you have to pay for, others not! People watching is another favorite pass time.

Museums and More

Old Fort Meade Museum is just outside of town on the way to the Full Throttle Saloon. They have old relics and rich history of early settlers of the area. Fort Meade was the original Military Fort to the area, and was instrumental in keeping peace between the Native Americans and the incoming Settler's coming to the region.

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame is located right on Main Street Sturgis, in the towns old Post Office Building. It has 2 levels full of Motorcycles and memorabilia and opened in 2002. Open 7 days a week and admission is only $5.

Must See!

While you are in Sturgis you HAVE to drive the couple miles over to Bear Butte State Park! This is a sacred site to the Native Americans and Prayers and Rituals are still performed here.

This mountain was where General Custer confirmed that gold was indeed here, and Gold Prospectors from miles around flocked to the area. This Mountain served as a beacon to keep them headed in the right direction.

Steep heavy duty hike, and super hot as there is hardly any shade. Worth it when you get to the top.

Is that ALL there is to do?

You mean to tell me that partying for 7 days straight has got you bored and you are looking for something else to do?

No problem!

The Black Hills is a popular destination spot for worldwide travelers, so you are in luck too! You don't have to feel trapped in a little town full of crazy, drunken Harley way! There are tons of fun things to do and see in our area!

There are lazy, sleepy little towns to visit like Hill City, Custer and Keystone. Our version of "big city" which is the largest town around..Rapid City. The notorious Deadwood South Dakota is just down the road from Sturgis and is another required stop if you are wanting to experience some of our "Wild West" heritage.

One of the most well known Monuments in the World, Mount Rushmore National Monument is found here.

A moving Tribute to a Warrior can be found at Crazy Horse Memorial, just outside of the town of Custer.

A definite to put of the To-Do list is Badlands National Park, where you will see landscapes like no where else.

Another "gotta see" while you are here, and my families personal favorite, the legendary Custer State Park. CSP houses one the largest free ranging herd of Buffalo in the US.

Scenic drives are everywhere but our best shine with Spearfish Canyon, Needles Highway, and Iron Mountain Road.

You won't get bored here, in fact my bet is you will run out of time before you run out of things you want to do!

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