Sturgis Girls Sturgis Bike Week

Sturgis Bike Week

Sturgis Bike Week 2014 is all set
Get ready for a ton of fun in Sturgis!

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Did you know?

There is a lot to learn and absorb when researching this fantastic party, and if you are traveling here you will find this interesting.

  • Population of Sturgis is 6,627
  • Approx 500k (or more!) Bikers come from all over the world EVERY year for Sturgis Bike Week
  • Sturgis is only 4 square miles big
  • The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally started in 1938 by the Jackpine Gypsies
  • The Sturgis Rally originally was for motorcycle stunts and motorcycle racing
  • The 60th Annual Rally has numbers reported from 550k to 750k in attendance
  • Sturgis web cams are located all over for live "watching" SMILE!
  • The TV show COPS did their 147th episode here
  • Miss Buffalo Chip is held every year at the Buffalo Chip Campground
  • There was no Rally in 1942 due to the War, and the gasoline rationing
  • Daytona Bike Week is the only rival to the Sturgis motorcycle Rally in numbers
  • You can find more Rally Pictures here
  • Finding lodging is difficult to impossible during this week thru out the area
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper are already lined up for the 2014 Rally at the Buffalo Chip Campground!
  • Next Annual Rally is scheduled for August 4-10th 2014 - see you then!


Boss Hoss Sturgis Bike Week

It's not all about the party ALL the time. It's all about the BIKES too!

This is Boss Hoss. Wherever this bike went, people gawked, flocked and followed. It's kinda hard to see in the picture, but this bad boy had a truck size tire on the back.
And a small block Chevy engine to power it up. Arrr, arrrr, arrr, arrr- Tim the Tool Man Taylor would have been proud!

Sturgis Bike Week Skull Bike www.BLACK-HILLS-TRIP-PLANNER.COM
Sturgis Bike Week Stripper pole bike www.BLACK-HILLS-TRIP-PLANNER.COM

Here's just a few pictures of some other cool bikes we saw. The red one on the left had some awesome graphics with flames and skulls.

The bike on the right? Ya, that's a STRIPPER pole.

Like I said before, Sturgis is all about the party, BUT, it's also about touring the Hills, having some fun with your favorite other, and about checkin out some of the most radical bikes in the world. Yep. It's all here. Little ol South Dakota.

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