Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012

The annual Harley Davidson Sturgis Motorcycle Rally  RIDES and ROCKS
our entire community!

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the BIGGEST party of the YEAR and held here every first full week of August!

Every year for a solid week, thousands of die hard Harley Davidson fans, and fun time partiers swarm the little town of Sturgis South Dakota!

Like moths to a flame, for some this is a party they just CAN'T MISS, they are DRAWN to it!

The photo above was taken at the 2012 Sturgis Bike Rally. They have a tower right smack dab on Main Street. Pay your $5 and you can take all the photos you can in 10 minutes. Perfect photo ops!

You can see just HOW busy Main St. is. And this is just the middle of the day. During the day most folks are busy about seeing our awesome sights, like Mount Rushmore, or a fabulous day trip to the Badlands.

But at NIGHT, well, that's when the party really heats up and gets going! The Street above will overflow with people come night time. And this is just Main St. There is more to be found then right on Main, as the biggest bars are off of it, and so are lots more vendors.

Just how wild is it?

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012


This is an amazingly fun event, but it is not necessarily one recommended for kids/families!

During the day it is pretty "tame" for the most part.

People are drinking around the clock for the whole week (yes, it's ALWAYS 5:00 during Rally Week!) and outfits get REAL skimpy at times. But generally during the day it is much tamer then at night.

Just remember tho, lots of these folks left their kids at home to come here.
Your judgement call.


Public nudity is no longer allowed. Yes, years ago it was!
It is enforced (read/mostly!) nowadays. But that wasn't always the case! Folks sure DO push the nudity ban to the limits on this constantly.

August 2012 rang in the 72nd annual Sturgis bike rally that Sturgis has hosted, lots of hard party times over those 72 years!

The 73rd Sturgis Rally is set once again for August of 2013.

2013 Rally Dates and concert line ups-------> NEXT

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