Sturgis South Dakota

Sturgis South Dakota, wild party town, or sleepy little South Dakota town?
Depends on the week of the year!

Sturgis South Dakota, A wild and crazy party town or a sleepy, tiny "blink and you miss it as you go by on the Interstate" town? Well, depends on which week of the year!

The first FULL week of August every year finds this little town EXPLODING with Harley Davidson motorcycles and riders!

If you like to party, and HARD, then THIS is your invitation!

If you are looking for a quite vacation to the Black Hills with your family, then you have been WARNED! This is the one week out of the whole year that you will want to stay away.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally sees approximately 500,000 people a year converging on the annual party. Considering the whole State of South Dakota's population is around 700,000 people total, spread out through the whole State, this gives you quite an appreciation for the population jump!

Not only is the area very congested during this time, it is also more expensive.

Motels are booked a year in advance for these dates, so don't come during that week and expect to find open motel rooms, they are slim pickings to none at all!

The Motorcycle Rally is jam packed with fun things to do and see tho, and during the day it is fun, and pretty tame, to walk the streets with the family to see the motorcycles.

At night? Well, that's a whole other story! Bikers come here from all over the world to "let it all hang out"..sometimes literally! Dress code can be pretty crazy, so not a place for the youngsters after the sun goes down, because that's when the crazy party starts!

Sturgis has some very legendary Biker Bars and campgrounds. Headliner Rock and Roll Bands come from all over the world to rock out Sturgis and join the party. ZZ Top has been here several times as have Motley Crue and Aerosmith! Great concerts and good party times can be had here, but you have been warned....the inhibitions are left at home!

This is about it for talking about the town of Sturgis itself.

For everything GREAT to know about the REAL Sturgis AKA The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...then click HERE!!

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