Tents for Camping

Tents for camping
Which ones are best for families?
For easy set up?
Best bang for the buck?
We'll show you all that and more here!

SO many choices to choose from, and such an important decision!

Which tents for camping are right for you?

After all, tenting vacations are made or destroyed by their tents performance (or more likely, lack of!).

We hope to make choosing a tent for you as easy as possible.

Hopefully we will help you choose the perfect tent for camping for YOU.

Which best suits your needs?

We will review the favorite tents for camping

  • Ez up tents
  • Canvas tents
  • Family cabin tents
  • Car tents
  • Pickup truck tents
  • Screened tents
  • Best backpacking tents

We will give you our best reviews, and advice that we have to offer.

We have personally been camping all our lives! In all types of terrain, and in many different situations, spanning many years.

Our hope is that if you are new to tenting vacations, we can be of value to you! And even if you are a seasoned pro, maybe you will glean something here also.

A good, dry, breathable, sturdy tent at a good price is what we are after here.

EZ Up Tents
Our favorite tents for camping!

I already mentioned that we have been camping for MANY years.

No, we are NOT OLD  (just to clarify that...lol), just been camping all our lives.

And that. Adds. Up.

Easy up tents are a new thing. Or a relatively new thing.

And we LOVE them!

All those years of setting up camp (countless times in the dark, with the headlights guiding our way) I shudder to think of all that precious camping time we wasted setting up the tent.

If they had had this tent out on the market to buy then, well, I would have had ones of these babies a LONG time ago!

They are the best things to come along since sliced bread! Seriously.

They really do set up in less than 60 seconds (after you do it the first time). That's just bloody brilliant!

Over the years we got really great at putting up our ever sturdy family tent. Could do it in about 25 minutes flat, vestibule and all. Tear down in about 20. Other campers would stand in awe at our quickness and efficiency.

But now? Our sturdy ol' reliable tent has been put aside. Move over baby...there's a new tent in town!

Watch this 1 minute video...

It really IS as EASY as the video shows!

Take down is super easy too.

Our take down tip? Roll it like a sleeping bag to gather all the fabric around the poles, then stuff it into the bag. Taaadaaa! Done. Moving on.

How brilliant is that???


  • 60 second set up (1st time may take you 4 minutes, then it's really 60 seconds after that!)
  • Sturdy tent
  • Lots of BIG huge windows
  • 60 second set up (oh, did I already mention that? lol)
  • Lots of room
  • Thick tenting material
  • Good quality
  • Good price
  • 2 doors on the biggest tent
  • Room divider on the bigger tents
  • Moms and kids can set up on their own easily (sometimes we find ourselves in this situation. We go up and set up camp before my Husband gets off of work. This was a big motivator for us to buy this tent)
  • Made by Coleman
  • You can stand full height everywhere in this tent
  • TIP: Get one size bigger then you need for you mattresses so you have room for your gear. Or get an extra one like us to use as a screen tent! See below!


  • Bulky. We have the 8 person and it is a large tent. The poles only break down so far, so it needs a long space in the trunk.
  • A little on the heavy side with the bigger tents. Us girls still managed to get it into the trunk, and back out again at the campsite with no problems.
  • Some say the top leaks. We HAVE NOT had this problem, and we do not have the rain fly. Get one to be on the safe side if you camp often where it rains lots.

This also makes a fantastic screen tent!

If you have a camper and are looking for a good screen tent, we think this is a super solution for that. In fact we are looking at buying another one just for that purpose!

Have you ever been in a screen tent during a down pour? Well when it pours here, it usually involves wind too. Then you just end up soaked in your screen house sanctuary, along with your belongings.

We think this tent would be the perfect solution for that problem! With the multitude of almost floor to ceiling windows and doors this tent offers, it is just like a screen tent, with the option of the bonus floor and zip to cover windows!

I love camping but have never loved the bugs that go along with it. That's why I dig the idea of having a floor (we will put an outdoor carpet in ours) and having a screen tent that is totally enclosed.

That, and the fact this baby sets up in 60 seconds? SCORE!!

I think screen tents are some of the biggest pain in the butt camping items that are out there to put up.

This makes for an easy, safe and secure place to stash your stuff.

We are going to call it our "entertainment" tent. It will house the coolers, chairs, games etc. (and ya, probably the portable dvd player too).

A screen tent extraordinaire!

Here are the different EZ up tent options.
Click on them to learn more about our favorite tents!

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