Wall Drug

Wall Drug is FAMOUS world over~
Shopping mall extraordinaire with a South Dakota "twist"!

You can find signs advertising this place as far away as Iraq, where service members have erected them! You can't miss the local signs either if you are traveling across our State, they are everywhere!

Wall Drug Famous Donut

This is a super cool place to stop and visit while you are heading for the Badlands, and a great place to eat breakfast! Wall Drug got it's start way "back in the day" by pulling travelers off the interstate with the promise of FREE ICE WATER, and 5 cent coffee signs!! It worked, soon they were seeing streams of traffic, where none was before!

Wall Drug is one great big strip Mall all hooked together. There are loads of souvenir opportunities to be had here, as well as a lot of fun! They have cute animated characters and scenes behind glass in a couple areas that just start "singing" every 10 minutes or so. The kids will think this is cool (the younger ones that is).

Make sure as you browse thru the stores that you look up. All over all the stores you will see a vast collection of wild animal mounts.

The back is where it's at!

Wall Drug Jurrasic Park Dino

The kids know, in the back is where it's at! Go thru the stores and out the back way, you will find the "back yard" section, which is a fun place to be! You can get an old time photo taken, the kids can "mine" for gems and minerals, watch the entertaining routine done courtesy of the animated raccoons at the mine, or our favorite..the dinosaur! See the video on the side bar...if you dare...muuuaaahahahaa!

He "comes alive" every 15 minutes and thunderously roars and bobs up and down amidst smoke and rain, much to the delight and terror of all the children around!

Like History??

Plan on a couple hours here, especially if you are going to be dining. If you are a history buff? You could spend a half day in the back yard building, which is literally covered wall to wall with old photos and newspaper articles about our rich history and culture. All the old photos have descriptions under them. It is amazing, and I could spend hours there reading, and still not get thru everything.

Don't skimp on time here if this is something that would interest you, it is some of the best local history we have ever seen, better than some of our museums even.

Where to go after Wall Drug?

If you haven't already been to the Badlands, then you MUST at least swing thru there!

In the town of Wall itself you will find the Buffalo Grasslands Visitor Center, which is definitely worth stopping by! They have a great display of stuffed regional animals and many learning kiosks about the history of the area. Have your kids sign up for the kids program! They will get a "can you find it" sheet, and when it is all filled out correctly they will get a little sack of goodies, and a pin. They will also have learned something in the process too, shhh, don't tell them that tho!

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